Some of Our Indicators

Liquidity Pivots and Rate of Return Convergence and Divergence

Liquidity pivots display the different liquidity levels. Green liquidity pivots are for calls/longs, and red liquidity pivots are for puts/shorts.

Rate of return convergence and divergence is an indicator that measures the rate of return for an asset, creating a more accurate picture for future movements.

Some of Our Indicators

Neptune's Wave + Abundantia's Option Toolkit

Neptune's Waves simply calculate buying & selling pressure using volume, price movement, ATR, ROC, and a few other factors. All in all, it's one of my favorite indicators personally. Buy when there's two green bars, and the second one is larger than the first. Sell out of buy when green bars end. Short when there's more than two red bars, and the second red bar is larger than the first. Buy out of short when the red bars end.

Abundatia's Options Toolkit is a tool to learn option plays, and help calculate good opportunities. You input your strike price, how much you paid, and if it's a call, or put, then let it do the rest for you. It will show you the option value for each candlestick. breakeven, and more.

Some of Our Indicators

Castor and Pollux Bollinger Bands + Mercury's Stock Advisor

These are Bollinger Bands, but customized with some improvements to the typical formula. I incorporate more into the formula of the bands, as well as, add a custom formula from my trading style. Buy and sell signals are the same as normal Bollinger Bands.

Mercury's Stock Advisor is a custom SMC tool for trading. It comes with a variety of tools, such as plotting resistance/support, order blocks, macro patterns, and value gaps. This is also meant to help you see how institutional traders trade stocks. Buy and sell signals depend on what trading style you use.

Other Products

TradeChoice Class Example

We teach the basics of technical analysis in combination with our indicators.

Other Products

TradeChoice Market Analysis Sheets

Analyze the market with live data spreadsheets full of information.

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