Some of Our Indicators

Dies' Intra-Index + Antevorta Forecasting Eyes

Antevorta's Forecasting Eyes forecasts moving averages using the linear regression of the moving averages, and calculates with a margin for error. This allows you to get excellent estimates on moving averages, before they move. Buy and sell signals are the same as "normal" moving averages.

Dies' Intra-Index uses the relative movement between each candlestick's close, as well as ATR, and the average of the overall candlesticks movement, to create a day trading indicator that is a force to be reckoned with. Dots are horizontal when there isn't much momentum.

  • Predictive accuracy. Antevorta's Forecasting Eyes offers forward-looking estimates based on linear regression of moving averages, differentiating it from traditional moving averages.
  • Comprehensive Volatility Measure. Dies' Intra-Index integrates Average True Range (ATR), providing a more complete picture of market volatility, crucial for day traders.
  • Momentum Visualization. Both indicators offer visual cues; Antevorta with its margin for error and Dies with its horizontal dots, helping traders gauge market momentum or stagnation effectively.

If there's steady momentum, they will rise, or fall, in the direction of the momentum. Buy signals are when two green dots plot within a green ray back to back. Sell out of a buy when the green ray turns red, or a red dot appears. And for shorting, short when two red dots are plotted back to back within a red ray. Close the short when the red ray turns green, or a green dot appears.

Some of Our Indicators

Neptune's Wave + Abundantia's Option Toolkit

Neptune's Waves simply calculate buying & selling pressure using volume, price movement, ATR, ROC, and a few other factors. All in all, it's one of my favorite indicators personally. Buy when there's two green bars, and the second one is larger than the first. Sell out of buy when green bars end. Short when there's more than two red bars, and the second red bar is larger than the first. Buy out of short when the red bars end.

Abundatia's Options Toolkit is a tool to learn option plays, and help calculate good opportunities. You input your strike price, how much you paid, and if it's a call, or put, then let it do the rest for you. It will show you the option value for each candlestick. breakeven, and more.

  • Pressure-Based Signals. Neptune's Waves effectively combines volume, price movement, ATR, and ROC to offer buying and selling signals based on market pressure, making it a one-stop solution for traders.
  • Educational Utility. Abundatia's Options Toolkit serves as a learning platform for options, calculating potential opportunities and breaking down complex metrics into understandable outputs.
  • Real-Time Option Valuation. Abundatia shows the option value for each candlestick along with the breakeven point, helping traders to make informed decisions quickly.

Some of Our Indicators

Castor and Pollux Bollinger Bands + Mercury's Stock Advisor

These are Bollinger Bands, but customized with some improvements to the typical formula. I incorporate more into the formula of the bands, as well as, add a custom formula from my trading style. Buy and sell signals are the same as normal Bollinger Bands.

  • Enhanced Bollinger Bands. Castor and Pollux Bollinger Bands offer a tailored approach by incorporating additional factors and a custom formula, elevating the traditional Bollinger Bands for more precise trading signals.
  • Multi-Tool Capability. Mercury's Stock Advisor is an all-in-one solution offering resistance/support plotting, order blocks, macro patterns, and value gaps, allowing a comprehensive view of trading opportunities.
  • Institutional Insight. Mercury's Stock Advisor is designed to provide a glimpse into how institutional traders operate, helping retail traders align their strategies more closely with market movers.

Mercury's Stock Advisor is a custom SMC tool for trading. It comes with a variety of tools, such as plotting resistance/support, order blocks, macro patterns, and value gaps. This is also meant to help you see how institutional traders trade stocks. Buy and sell signals depend on what trading style you use.

Some of Our Indicators

Fibonacci Toolkit and MACD (OG)

With the Fibonacci Toolkit and MACD (OG), you will have an auto plotting fibonacci analysis indicator. This will help ease analysis and finding your golden zone.

The MACD (OG) is how MACD is intended to be. WIth easy, clear to understand convergence and divergence, this indicator allows you to analyze exponential moving averages (EMAs) like never before.

  • Auto Plotting. The Auto Plotting feature automatically draws the Fibonacci retracement levels on your chart. This eliminates manual calculation errors and significantly speeds up your technical analysis process.
  • Clear Convergence/Divergence The MACD (OG) offers easily interpretable convergence and divergence signals. By optimizing the MACD formula, the indicator gives more accurate and actionable insights into EMA trends.
  • Golden Zone Identification This feature highlights the so-called "Golden Zone" between the 61.8% and 38.2% Fibonacci retracement levels. It serves as an effective tool for identifying optimal entry and exit points during trading.

Some of Our Indicators

Options Calculator

Experience the ultimate in market momentum analysis with our Options Calculator, a revolutionary trading indicator engineered to deliver unparalleled precision in identifying market trends.

  • Enhanced Accuracy Options Calculator incorporates the Average True Range (ATR) into the traditional RSI calculation. This fusion helps traders evaluate market momentum and volatility simultaneously, offering a nuanced view of potential price movements.
  • Insightful Clarity This tool is constructed to provide a straightforward analysis experience, delivering clearly defined signals and trend indicators. It cuts through the noise, allowing traders to focus on actionable insights without confusion.

Harnessing the power of ATR (Average True Range) to enhance the accuracy of the traditional RSI, our groundbreaking solution is designed to give you an edge in predicting potential price movements. Embrace the potential of Options Calculator and transform your trading strategy with unmatched clarity and insight.

Indicators created by TrillyReign, Ethan Havemann, and Peter Lau.

Our products do not constitute financial advice. We are not responsible for any losses you may incur. Please do your own research before investing.